Comic Books + Children = Reading, Knowledge and Confidence
Nancy Silberkleit
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About Us

Comic Book Fairs ( the brainchild of Nancy SIlberkleit, is part of Rise Above Social Issues Foundation Inc., a non-profit organization dedicated to address challenging social issues in the lives of young people, such as bullying and discrimination. Enhancing literacy lays the foundation for expanding ones knowledge which creates self-confidence. The comic book fair event provides age-accessible, non-threatening reading materials such as specially created, topical comic books, that stimulate creativity and tolerance in our young students. It gives them the tools to become a positive influence on their peers, while overcoming the social issues that face too many of our young people today.


Comic Book Fair's furry, kid friendly mascot, Hot Dog, a long-running cartoon character, is on a mission to help ignite the love of reading, offering budding readers the opportunity to interact with comic books and graphic novels and to be used as a powerful tool to build today's children into strong creative thinkers that are prepared to approach today's complex situations. Every child is capable of becoming a Superman or Superwomen and making a powerful contribution to society. To attain that, children need to be proficient in reading. A Comic Book Fair event may be used as a fundraiser.

I found that comics easily get all kinds of readers excited about reading and Comic
Book Fairs can also be a creative way to raise
money for schools.
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We are happy to answer any questions regarding our fundraising events or help guide you to host a Comic Book Fair at your school. Contact us by calling 914.450.9881 or sending email to