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Nancy Silberkleit
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After the Event

After The Event


Schools hosting Comic Book Fairs net 30% of the proceeds from all sales. Schools finish the event happy with the money they make, while customers are happy with their comics! Your school also benefits from the opportunity to host a community of comic book enthusiasts.


CBF Wrap up and Packaging Details:
Please help us to keep a low carbon footprint and be sure to pack up all provided materials for return to Comic Book Fairs.


School/Facility Name:
Address 1:
Address 2:
Contact Individual:
Contact Phone Number:
Contact Mobile Number:
Estimated Weight of Shipment:
Desired Date and Time for Pick-Up:


Don't forget to:

  • Return Onomatopoeia Word Signs (e.g. Gasp! Splat!)
  • Pack-up remaining/unsold comics in boxes
  • Package white boxes within brown boxes, even if they are empty.
We are happy to answer any questions regarding our fundraising events or help guide you to host a Comic Book Fair at your school. Contact us by calling 914.450.9881 or sending email to