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Nancy Silberkleit
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Comic Book Fair

What is a Comic Book Fair?


Comic books and graphic novels are effective tools in promoting literacy among young readers and are a fun conduit to higher academic concepts. Comic Book Fairs are a great way to earn money for your school while promoting reading and literacy throughout the community. They are easy to set up and fun for eveyone involved.


As an innovative visual language and reading literacy program directly contributing to education through school fundraising, Comic Book Fairs have three main goals: Mission Reading Literacy, Visual Language Literacy, and School Fundraising.


Comic Book Fairs, created in 2009, is the brainchild of Nancy Silberkleit, currently the Co-CEO of Archie Comics. Prior to assuming her leadership role at Archie Comics, Nancy was a school teacher for over 20 years. She experienced first hand the delight of children as they read comic books and graphic novels - gobbling them up like a bowl of candy! Nancy has devoted her life to education and is thrilled to provide a vehicle to encourage reading literacy with comics while enabling academic programs through school fundraising.

I found that comics easily get all kinds of readers excited about reading and Comic
Book Fairs can also be a creative way to raise
money for schools.
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