Comic Books + Children = Reading, Knowledge and Confidence
Nancy Silberkleit
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Getting Started

It's easy to have a Comic Book Fair!


We've designed Comic Book Fairs for schools to facilitate an easily operated, fun, and educational fundraiser. There is no up front cost and Comic Book Fairs will help you every step of the way.


A Comic Book Fairs Package includes comic books from the Archie Comic line and Sonic The Hedgehog line of comics. We will tailor the package of materials to fit the profile of your school based on the suggestions and requests of your coordinator. We also have available academic standards lesson plans, based on the comic books given to your school, that the teacher may use in their classroom.

I found that comics easily get all kinds of readers excited about reading and Comic
Book Fairs can also be a creative way to raise
money for schools.
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We are happy to answer any questions regarding our fundraising events or help guide you to host a Comic Book Fair at your school. Contact us by calling 914.450.9881 or sending email to