Comic Books + Children = Reading, Knowledge and Confidence
Nancy Silberkleit
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Comic Book Fairs can jumpstart your PTA fundraising efforts


Encourage young readers in your schools while earning valuable revenue for your organization. Comic Book Fairs is happy to support PTAs across the country with easy to use instructions and support to help your organization have a succesful fund raiser.


Your school keeps 30% of the event revenue while offering students a great way to improve their reading skills through the fun of comics. So contact us today to learn more about how hosting a Comic Book Fair can benefit your school's PTA.


Comic Book Fairs are fundraising with ease!

I found that comics easily get all kinds of readers excited about reading and Comic
Book Fairs can also be a creative way to raise
money for schools.
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We are happy to answer any questions regarding our fundraising events or help guide you to host a Comic Book Fair at your school. Contact us by calling 914.450.9881 or sending email to